Comprehensive Orthodontics and pediatric dentistry includes proper recording of history, clinical findings in primary and mixed dentition, designing an appropriate treatment plan. Both orthodontics and pediatric dentistry will be taught such that total care can be provided for the child from the time of eruption of teeth throughout the developing stages of dentition.

This course consists of two parts: didactic and clinical. The didactic portion consists of seminars in orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. The seminar covers selected orthodontic pediatric dentistry topics. Each student will give a presentation and followed by a small lecture (given by the instructor) and a group discussion.

The orthodontics clinical part covers clinical orthodontic instrumentation, case assessments, diagnosis, and treatment planning, and the orthodontic management of simple malocclusion cases selected by orthodontics faculty.

In the pediatric dentistry part, students are required to provide comprehensive dental treatment for children aged 3 to 8 years presenting with a wide range of dental problems.  Emphasis of the course will be on patient education and management, treatment planning, prevention of dental disease, restorative procedures, pulp therapy, and space management.