Internship Unit

The Internship Unit coordinates and generally supervises the students’ training affairs during the academic years and during the internship year, in coordination with hospitals, health facilities, companies and training centers according to the students’ wishes and their cumulative GPA and according to the availability of training seats in the various training places, taking in consideration to choose the appropriate training places that work according to quality requirements in training.


Distinguished training for all graduates that meet the international standards in medical education outcomes and practical application.


Qualifying students with high-quality scientific and clinical skills capable of continuous self-education and conducting scientific research to make significant contribution to the advances of Saudi Arabian healthcare.


  • Preparing the administrative manual of training including procedures and regulations governing field experience training and submitting it to the College Board for approval.
  • Preparing and updating training forms and schedules.
  • Dissemination of rules and regulations to the students targeted for training.
  • Implementation of the orientation course for all students before the beginning of the internship year.
  • Listing of students targeted for training in all programs, distributing them to the approved training places, and preparing the necessary letters for that.
  • Follow-up of students and interns during the period of training.
  • Supporting the trainees and solving any problems they may encounter during the training period.
  • Inviting scientific institutions and research centers to cooperate with the college in training.

Medicine Program


Dentistry Program

Pharm D Program

Nursing Program

Alumni Unit

Since the establishment of Ibn Sina National College for Medical Sciences in the year 1420 AH corresponding to the year 2004 AD, we are proud of our graduates, and their contributions in providing health services throughout our country and abroad.
The Alumni Unit at Ibn Sina College is committed to applying the highest quality standards and providing the best services and support for all graduates. We also seek to establish permanent and effective communication between graduates and employers to provide suitable job opportunities and provide the necessary support to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market.


Provision of the Saudi health community with distinguished graduates.


Supporting professional and social communication with graduates of all programs.


  • Preparing and updating of alumni statistics and database for all programs.
  • Management of graduation certificates (printing, revision, approval, verification)
  • Alumni Survey
  • Alumni Manual
  • Verification of Certificates

Contact Informations

Male Section Office # 103 (Ground floor)
Female Section Office # 252 (1st floor)
Phone: +9662 – 6356555
P.O.Box 31906 Jeddah 21418