The Student Support Unit aims at supporting students in special and urgent cases, such as those with special needs, those facing learning difficulties as well as distinguished students facing challenges in their learning environment. The unit will work closely with students to enable them to better understand the circumstances that they are faced with whilst also helping to solve their surrounding problems.


To lead students to success and academic distinction.


Helping students achieve their academic goals and overcome their personal and educational problems by developing their skills through moral support and guidance.

Unit's Goals

– Promoting positive attitude towards medical studies by providing students with instructive and informative manuals and booklets.

– Following up of referral cases to the unit from the various programs of the college.

– Identifying students who have academic problems and meeting them in order to resolve the reasons behind their academic problems.

– Identifying students with repeated absenteeism such that it has resulted in exclusion from the final exams, discussing those cases and reporting them to the dean of the college.

– Discussing student problems in general and providing solutions to them.

– Referring students, in case of need, to psychiatric assessment.

– Providing a hotline to receive student calls in order to respond to their different inquiries along with an e-mail to facilitate contact with them.