Research at ISNC

Research is central to Ibn Sina National College, through research focused on meeting national research strategies and societal needs, we aim to realize the research component of our mission “to make a significant contribution to advances in Saudi Arabian health care, through the provision of outstanding education, research and medical services in a motivating and technology enabled learning environment.”    

Our research strategy is designed to enable and complement the work our researchers, most importantly it based upon our current and future researchers (staff and students) and what we aspire to do… We have aligned our research strategies with the national research priorities, bearing in mind the national transformation plan and the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have focused our efforts around four main pillars that aim to; 1) enhance the institutional research profile and; 2) promote inter-disciplinary research within and outside the institution.

  1. Reinforce a productive research environment
  2. Enhance the quality of research of research while maintaining the quantity
  3. Participate in joint research and establish research partnerships
  4. Delivering research based courses

The research of ISNC makes the research strategies operational to provide and promote Research and Innovation bridge between institution community and its missions, goals and objectives.

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