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Changes to this policy:

Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies reserves the full right to change this policy at any moment, and these changes will be posted at the bottom of the e-portal without notice. Please revisit this policy on periodically, as accessing the e-portal constitutes your acceptance of these changes.


Law adopted:

This policy and its provisions are subject to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in settling any disputes that may arise in connection with this agreement, and the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have jurisdiction to consider and decide such disputes.



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Protection against Viruses:

The ISNC makes all possible efforts to ensure the safety and reliability of the contents of its e-portal, and the user must always run an updated anti-virus program on all materials downloaded from the Internet. The ISNC disclaims any responsibility for any loss, interruption, or damage to the user’s data and/or device used to access this e-portal or any of its contents.


Termination of service

The ISNC reserves the exclusive right to restrict, suspend or terminate the user access to part or all of the e-portal at any time and for any reason without prior notice.


Changes of ISNC e-portal:

The ISNC reserves the right, without prior notice, to terminate, alter, or disable any part of the e-portal. Although it works hard to keep the e-portal up and running, it might not be available for any reason, and it doesn’t take responsibility for any harm that might follow from it.


Information Security:

The ISNC takes all reasonable precautions to protect against any misuse, loss or unauthorized change of the information on the e-portal. However, it makes no guarantees regarding the privacy of your use of this e-portal and is not legally responsible for any damage resulting from a breach of confidentiality involving data that you provide to the e-portal. If the e-portal is exposed to any type of damage, the necessary measures and penalties will be taken for the perpetrator, according to the Anti-Cybercrime Law 1428.


Intellectual property rights:

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In no event will the ISNC be liable for any losses or consequences resulting from reliance on any content published on its e-portal.