Welcome to our E-Learning page, where we harness the power of technology to bolster our commitment to significantly enhance the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia through the delivery of exceptional healthcare education. In pursuit of this aim, we have adopted the following E-learning systems and platforms: 


  • Digi Class: Accessible through web and mobile platforms, Digi Class is designed to empower student-centered learning. It provides convenient access to courses, chat features for collaboration, an academic calendar, learning resources and more. 


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  • DigiAssess: In line with our commitment to leveraging technology in education, DigiAssess offers a secure and efficient electronic examination experience. 
  • Incision Academy: As part of our dedication to excellence in surgical education, Incision Academy offers a wide range of high-quality surgical skill courses, surgery videos, and comprehensive anatomy studies. These resources are aimed at enhancing your surgical knowledge and improving your performance. Click Here To access. 


  • Graduate Attributes Sessions: Our interactive sessions are designed to equip you with essential skills for your future career. We invite you to participate in these sessions to develop this important attribute. 
  • Professionalism : Click Here 
  • Leadership: soon