Organizational Structure of QACr

i. Program Quality Assurance Teams (PQT) functions as a segment of quality assurance center at program level. It is headed by quality coordinator who integrates QACr with program administration. PQT monitors all the academic and administrative activities of program and preforms duties as per the directives of the quality assurance center with the support of program administration.

ii. Curriculum monitoring section is responsible for monitoring the implementation of institutional policies related to the delivery of the curriculum. It also support course, department and program administration in evaluation and addressing issues related to the achievement of learning outcomes and the process of preparation, evaluation and approval of course and annual program reports as per quality assurance guidelines.

iii. Planning and Follow-up section is responsible for recognizing and supporting the college administration in preparation and development of the strategic plan and annual operational plans of the College in accordance with the requirements of quality and the educational process. This unit performs the function of follow-up of implementation and reporting of annual operational plans.

iv. Staff Development section contribute to the planning, implementation, analysis and reporting of continuous professional development activities and programs related to quality assurance center. In addition this branch of QACr advise the college on the strategies and tools to enhance professional development activities of the staff and prepare annual plan and report of staff development activities.

v. Audit section assess mechanisms and processes in college that contribute to the quality standards of the student learning experience. The role of this unit is to conduct audit of course and department documentation. This unit prepares annual schedule of audit activity, implementation of the activity and reports the findings.

vi. Accreditation section is to execute the requirements of accreditation agencies that includes conduction of self-evaluation, external review, documentation, interactions with the accreditation bodies, assisting accreditation bodies during their visit and prepare responses to the recommendations and follow-up. It is sub divided into eight sub-units based on NCAAA standards to oversee the activities of concerned standards.

vii. Archive section is responsible for maintenance of electronic and paper bound records of the college which are classified and retained securely for a specified period of time as per the decision of QAC.

viii. Survey Section is responsible for planning, conducting, analyzing and reporting stakeholders’ survey findings.

ix. Safety Section monitors the implementation of the safety programs of the college that includes, safety and security of the building, cleanliness in campus, disposal of hazardous materials and waste, management of emergencies, fire safety, medical equipment safety etc. This section is also responsible for reviewing all incident reports and safety errors that occur in college campus and suggests appropriate solutions and take part in risk management activities.