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Outstanding education in ISNC’s mission statement shows the commitment of the institution towards the standard of learning and teaching. Availability of learning facilities for students through optimal infrastructure and regular monitoring of Intended learning outcomes contribute towards achievement of ISNC’s goal of excellence in student education. ISNC has created infrastructure and allied facilities with modern standards to suit the teaching and learning objectives. At ISNC we have an optimum utilization of learning resources and facilities that support your learning experiences, including Library, Laboratories, IT, Classrooms, and. Library, IT, Classrooms and Laboratories and specialist equipment, depending on your program.

The library hosts a rich and broad collection of latest editions of information resources, both in traditional print format and in electronic format. The Library has e-books and hard copies of textbooks, reference books, journals and educational materials. The library has informal and comfortable study spaces set up separately for male and female section to suit independent study or group work. There are also copy, print, and scanning facilities. Library support is available remotely and from librarian staff at ISNC. Main access to the Library on male section is on Ground floor and in female section on 3rd floor. Physical Library: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on all week days. Please contact us with any library queries via

The digital library provides remote access to resources around the world. It is available for all students and staff through login username and password. It provides ready access to on-line data-bases, eBooks, tutorials and journal material relevant to the programs. Free access to ISNC staff and students 24×7 and can be accessed from any part of the world.