Admission and Registration Department

The Admission and Registration Department is considered one of the most important departments in the college, as it is the gateway for students to join the college. The admission and registration department seeks to support and achieve the college’s vision, mission and goals. And it works to provide its services to students throughout their enrollment period.


Excellence and quality of services provided to students and visitors.


Organizing and facilitating the admission procedures for students in the college within theframework of achieving quality and transparency and through the optimal use of human resources and modern technology.

Functions of the Admission and Registration Department

1- Completing the admission procedures for new students.
* The mechanism and conditions for admission are announced at the beginning of each admission period on the college’s official website.

2- Issuance of student’s academic ID cards.

3- Transferring students from one program to another provided that:
* the cumulative average is not less than 4.50 out of 5 in the Preparatory year.
* There are vacancies in the program to which the student wants to transfer.

4- Postponement
* Submitting a request for postponement starts from the beginning of the first week to the end of the third week of the semester.

5- Apologizing
* submit an apology request from the beginning of the fourth week to the end of the tenth week of the semester

6- Withdrawal from college

7- Issuing certificates for regular students.

8- Printing academic transcripts.

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