QACr - Major Roles and Responsibilities

QACr is an executive body established to ensure that the student learning at ISNC is as per the well recognized educational best practices. Following are the routine activities of QACr at ISNC:

1. Promote quality culture and train staff on quality principles and practices.
2. Monitor, review, audit and report the quality of academic and administrative processes in accordance with the predefined QA system and standards.
3. Supervise the quality assurance activities related to strategic and operational planning, curriculum monitoring, faculty development, auditing, stakeholders’ feedback collection, safety and archiving of documents.
4. Reinforce standardized educational practices in ISNC.
5. Support the administration on matters relating to Quality Assurance and Enhancement.
6. Formulate policies, procedures, practices and strategies related to quality assurance and improvement in college.
7. Establish guidelines related to all academic and administrative services of college.
8. Standardize the forms and templates according to NCAAA requirements and monitor its utilization by all academic and administrative departments.
9. Develop and maintain a database on quality-related information and facilitate administration whenever required.
10. Plan quality developments through benchmarking with national and international best practices.
11. Monitor the progression and performance of programs and institution though established process and key performance indicators.
12. Arrange with local and region experts in quality assurance for review of college practices on regular basis.
13. Support the academic and administrative departments in risk analysis and its management.
14. Improve quality assurance practices through research and innovations.
15. Conduct self-study to assess application of quality assurance practices as per NCAAA standards periodically.
16. Supervise the accreditation process and logistical arrangements with accreditation agencies.