Information Technology Department at Ibn Sina College supports the academic and administrative processes. It is established to scaffold the college’s education system with the latest technology trends and to support the stakeholders of the college in order to effectively utilize them. The department manages the college’s IT equipment and facilities and supports smooth functioning of IT services such as College Website, Microsoft 365, Banner, Digival Solutions, Moodle (LMS), Saudi Digital Library and other software systems.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Operating and managing the college’s network, servers, and storage units with continual improvement and updating to assure user continuity and accessibility.

  • Administering and providing email services for faculty and students.

  • Managing and administering the College’s financial and administrative information systems.
  • Maintaining information security and safeguarding digital assets.

  • Enhancing and providing consistent maintenance of the college website.
  • Providing technical support services to the staff in all matters related to the college’s electronic equipment and accessories and assisting system managers and users.
  • Following up on regular maintenance, periodic reports, and complaints.

  • Following up with the automated support ticket registration system until any issue is resolved and users are notified.
  • Developing and updating technical specifications of the college’s electronic systems, networking devices, applications, computers, and accessories.

  • Identifying the technical solutions required by the faculty and providing the most advanced technologies available.

  • Supporting the administration with professional consultations on the latest trends of technology.