Research Governance, Administration & Management

Research governance at ISNC is designed with multi-level administrative control which includes the Board of trustees, the Faculty Board, the Dean, the Program Vice Deans, the departments chairmen, the Research Committee (RC), the Research Center and its committees’ and teams.

The research center in collaboration with its committees and team are committed to enabling researchers to achieve excellence in research. We support our research community to ensure that all research conducted is safe, lawful, and of the highest standards of integrity and rigor.

Research center (ISN-RC) and its teams

ISNC-RC provides support to ISNC’s research community in conducting all types of research in the field of health sciences namely; Biomedical, Clinical (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and nursing), Medical/Dental education and Public Health. The respective program research teams focus on research areas identified by the program.  on data protection requirements.

Research center, its committees (Research Committee, Institutional Research Review Board) and the teams (Proposal Writing Overseeing Team and Program Research Teams) support staff and students in determining what the research governance requirements are applicable to their research projects and how further support can be accessed where it is required.

Institutional Research Review Board (IRRB)

Research on all living things is subjected to a proportionate level of ethical scrutiny. The Institutional Research Review Board (IRRB) of ISNC manages the Institution-wide ethical clearance process which is designed to ensure that all research activities involving human/animal subjects undertaken by ISNC’s research community are carried out in a way that safeguards the dignity, rights, health, safety, and privacy of those involved.

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Research Ethics

ISNC is committed to the advancement of high quality academic research and to ensure that all research activities undertaken by staff and students involving living subjects are undertaken in a way that safeguards the dignity, rights, health, safety, and privacy of those involved.

The Institutional Research Review Board is authorized to overlook the ethical aspects of all research conducted in the institution by researchers’ external or internal to ISNC.

Conducting research at ISNC

ISNC is committed to uphold high ethical standards in conducting and reporting research for the benefit of both the researcher and the participant. Therefore, it is mandatory to obtain formal approval for all form of research conducted in ISNC by any individual from within or outside the institution. Approval and/or registration of research is mandatory for all studies involving living (human and animal) subjects including the use of data derived from them (e.g. questionnaires).

Any research work carried-out in ISNC by individual from within or outside the institution must not begin without a formal approval of the Institutional Research Review Board (IRRB) and/or registration in the Research Center. This implies to even researchers from outside ISNC.

for permission to researcher external to ISNC to conduct research in the Institution.

Please note; ethical approval shall never be granted in retrospect. Data can be collected ONLY after obtaining a formal approval by the IRRB and/or registration in the ISNC-RC. Conducting research in absence of a written approval is considered as research misconduct. .

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II.1.1. Approval to (our researchers) conduct research within the Institution

The research projects are approved by one of the following processes depending upon the type of research proposed.

  1. Full review
  2. Expedited review
  3. Exempted review

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II.1.2. Approval to (our Researchers) join research projects and groups outside the Institution

We believe in collaborative and inter-disciplinary research, therefore, we encourage and support our researchers to join research projects, research groups outside the institution. ISNC expects its researchers to inform the research center (through a formal research proposal) and other pertinent authorities (department chairman and program vice dean) the proposed research project outside the institution. These research project are processed through Expedited review process.

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II.1.3. Permission to (Researcher external to ISNC) conduct research in our Institution

Our belief in collaborative and inter-disciplinary research is furthered by welcoming researchers external to institution to conduct research (partial/full) in ISNC. The procedure is a permission granting process to ensure only ethically acceptable research will be carried out in our premises.

How do I apply?

Email signed application to Research Center at 

The external researcher shall provide written responses to the following items;

  1. Provide brief description of the proposed research work including any other specific documents relevant to the proposed research work such as informed consent sheet, survey questionnaire etc.
  2. Provide written ethical approval from the relevant approving body for the proposed research.
  3. Provide assurance that the participant data will be shared freely with ISNC.

Who gives the permission?

The Dean of ISNC gives the permission to the researcher external to ISNC based on the recommendation of the Research Center and the Institutional Research Review Board following an expedited review.

II.1.4. Collaborate with ISNC

II.2. Support and Guidance

By providing research environment, guidance and support and networks to our research community (undergraduate and postgraduate research students to academic staff), we enables them to realize ISNC’s mission.

We aim to support our researchers’ at every step and at every stage of their research project lifecycle, from application development to publication, ISNC offers research support services.

II.2.1. Developing research proposals

Through the Proposal Writing Overseeing Team (PWOT), we support our research community (undergraduate and postgraduate students, new young researchers, etc.) in need to develop new research proposals. The team is represented by experienced and senior researchers of different programs of ISNC, they not only assists the researchers in need to write successful research proposals, but they also advise them on research methodology aspects of the proposal.

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II.2.2. Research Funding

External Research Grants Initiatives​

Based on the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 to achieve economic and social development in order to become a leading country in various fields. The kingdom aims to achieve this through the use of various programs with focused developmental strategies in different sectors and industries, most notably: the support of scientific research.

One of the most important investment hubs directed and supported by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Vision of 2030 strategy is to support scientific research that aims to produce intellectual property, patents, services development of products that generate values and applied projects, which are based on solid scientific foundations.

Following the workshop led by the Ministry of Education in May 2017, with participation of a wide range (more than 30 key stakeholders from across the kingdom’s R&D ecosystem) of research and development partners in the Kingdom to review the results of the current study of scientific research and development in Saudi Arabia and its futuristic vision. A strategic framework was discussed and developed and the “Scientific Research Support Initiative in Universities” was launched which is sponsored by the Ministry of Education in the Saudi Arabian, which will drive research grants through its initiatives to all universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In total, the program launched four initiatives, to each its own guidelines, in different research areas and disciplines that address obstacles and offer valuable solutions and suggestions, which drives a direct socio-economic impact:​


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King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)

KACST Research and Development Grants Program for National Research Institutions and Centers.

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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

The KAUST Innovation Fund aims to grow an innovation and technology investment community Click Here for more information

II.2.3. Research Facilities

II.2.3.1. Research Lab

II.2.3.2. Library Resources

ISNC provides both print and on and off-campus online digital library services to students and staff. Through our Saudi Digital Library services, the largest academic collection of information sources in the Arab world covering all fields in health sciences.

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II.2.3.4. Research Publication Repository

II.2.3.5. English Editing and Biostatistics Service

II.2.3.7. Citation alerts:

II.2.3.9. Professional Development Programs