This course is designed to integrate the pathophysiologic abnormalities of disease states (Gastroenterology, Malnutrition/Nutritional Support, and Nephrology) with concepts of drug action and therapy. State-of-the-art pharmacotherapy will be reviewed with pertinent pathophysiology and pharmacology. Emphasis will be placed on drug selection, dosing regimen design, and therapeutic drug monitoring to assess the attainment of therapeutic efficacy and avoidance of adverse reactions. The Nutrition Support section of this course is intended to prepare the student to be able to recommend the appropriate calories, protein, fat, electrolytes, minerals, trace elements and multivitamins as per patient specific requirements and to perform all required daily calculation for parenteral and enteral nutrition requirements, TPN total osmolality, patient nitrogen balance status and the non-protein calorie to nitrogen ratio, how to choose the appropriate tube feeding formula according to patient situation.