English 103 is a continuation from English 101. It focuses on the development of special reading skills such as scanning and breaking down sentences. The course also includes a written element, including writing short passages to deliver specific information. English 103 features a medical terminology component designed to improve the students’ ability to understand and apply English within a medical context. The course includes two quizzes, one mid-term exam and one comprehensive final exam.

The English language is of particular significance for the following reasons:

– Your medical, dental and pharmaceutical studies and careers depend upon it!

– All of your lectures will be in English (for example, Chemistry, Biology, and Computing).

– All of the books and texts will be in English.

– All of the exams will be in English.

– Most medical and scientific journals are in English.

– Hospitals and clinics are multi-national environments where English is used as the common language.

By the time that you begin this course you should have received a good foundation in the English language having completed English 101 as a prerequisite. We hope that you will continue to enjoy and benefit from your English lessons.