Welcome to the English 101 course. This is a self-integrated intensive English Language Programme for high school graduates and prospective students of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Applied Medical Sciences. The syllabus is based on the Interactions English Language programme and will be supplemented by other texts. The course is designed to bridge the gap between the general English studied in high school and the language requirements of the specialist studies, which you will undertake in the years to come. The course includes two quizzes, one mid-term exam and one comprehensive final exam.

The English language is of particular significance for the following reasons:

– Your medical, dental and pharmaceutical studies and careers depend upon it!

– All of your lectures will be in English (for example, Chemistry, Biology, Computing).

– All of the books and texts will be in English.

– All of the exams will be in English.

– Most medical and scientific journals are in English.

– Hospitals and clinics are multi-national environments where English is used as the common language.

We understand that not all students will be at the same level of English. However, we hope that you will all enjoy and benefit from the course, whatever your level.